Besa Tafilaj Pinchotti


Broadcast journalist and professional communicator who has covered everything from post-war Kosova and military deployments to hurricanes and parenting.  

When Besa Tafilaj Pinchotti earned her Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, she immediately went to work as a news anchor and reporter for an NBC affiliate in Texas, covering everything from September 11 to local crime and political issues. She also traveled to Kosova for a series on life after the war. Pinchotti eventually moved on to work at an ABC station in North Carolina, where she reported live from the scene of hurricanes and on military deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Pinchotti also hosted a weekly series focusing on families, and anchored the region’s number one 5 p.m. newscast. It was in North Carolina that Pinchotti met her husband, then a U.S. Marine Captain stationed at Camp Lejeune. Pinchotti received a Masters in Liberal Studies while pregnant with her first child and working full time as a news anchor. Her studies included everything from media law to  civil rights history and Appalachian literature.

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