Sania Vuçetaj


The Bronx-born Vucetaj made her dreams of opening her own brow salon come true, one celebrity eyebrow at a time.

Sania Vucetaj has been obsessed with shaping and plucking eyebrows ever since she noticed her own imperfection—a scar that runs through her brow. By teaching herself how to camouflage it, she became increasingly interested in the art of eyebrow shaping and practiced the skill on anyone she could get her hands on—mainly relatives and friends. The better she got, the bigger she dreamed. She envisioned opening up her own small eyebrow booth in a mall one day. Today, Vucetaj’s salon serves big-name clients like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Angela Simmons, Rihanna, princesses of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and the Bloombergs, among many others.

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